What Should I Bring with me to Treatment?

First, on behalf of Evolutions Treatment Center let me congratulate you on making the decision to change your life for the better and seek help for your substance abuse disorder. If this is your first time attending an inpatient treatment program, you likely have a lot of questions about the process including what items you will need to bring with you as you relocate to your rehabilitation center of choice. Here are some recommendations for you to consider as you pack your things and prepare to depart on this exciting new beginning in your life.

When it comes to what sort of clothing you should pack for your stay at treatment, comfort should take precedence over fashion. You need not worry about impressing any of the staff or other clients with flashy or expensive clothing, as you are all in the same situation when it comes to your addiction. Opt instead for a week’s worth of casual attire which is appropriate for a professional, clinical setting. Avoid any unnecessarily revealing outfits, and be mindful of the climate in the area your treatment center of choice is located. At Evolutions, we are blessed with the pleasant tropical weather of South Florida, so be sure to pack a swimsuit as well!

As for spending money, most reputable treatment centers will establish a deposit account in which your cash will remain safe, available to you on approved and supervised shopping trips so you may buy sundries as needed. At Evolutions, meals and snacks are provided by our culinary staff, so you need not worry about transferring funds to cover groceries. Your only financial responsibilities will be for any additional snacks you would like as well as cigarettes. Try to keep your finances as simple as possible - you can always have a family member or loved one wire additional funds to your deposit account, rather than bring along hundreds of dollars in cash which you may be tempted to spend before you arrive safely at your treatment center.

You have already completed the hardest part of attending an inpatient substance abuse treatment program - you’ve accepted you need this help and have begun the process of enrolling in a program of your choosing. At Evolutions, our goal is to make your transition into our facility as painless and anxiety-free as possible. We provide for all of your basic needs during your stay at our beautiful South Florida campus, so you only need to concern yourself with what clothes you wish to bring as well as a bit of spending cash for any additional treats you would like to indulge in during your time here. If you have any question about a particular item you think may be prohibited or unnecessary for you to bring, our Admissions Counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer questions you may have. Call them any time at 833-818-3031 and let us alleviate any of your concerns so you may focus on getting well!


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Our treatment program includes individual and group-based therapy to help clients understand and manage their symptoms and emotions.

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