What should I Expect During Withdrawal from Alcohol?

For those attempting sobriety for the first time, you likely have a great deal of fear surrounding the detox process from alcohol. You need not be concerned so long as you have taken action and admitted yourself to a licensed medical detox center. While certainly not pleasant, the protocols established in the substance abuse treatment industry are able to alleviate most of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol, allowing you to transition into sobriety in a safe, comfortable setting free from obligations and responsibliities.

Withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous, as your brain has grown accustomed to a level of intoxicant in your system which will suddenly be absent. This abrupt change can lead to seizures and even death, which is why it is so important to seek medical assistance when detoxing from alcohol. At Evolutions, we have developed a detox protocol for those who have developed an alcohol dependency which allows for a safe, comfortable withdrawal process. Your physical condition will be monitored around the clock, and medications will be administered to ensure your vitals remain stable as well as to minimize any discomfort during the process.

In terms of the mental and emotional impact of the detox process, you can expect to experience some emotional instability as the numbing effects of alcohol recede. Feelings you have been repressing through your daily alcohol consumption will again rise to the surface. You should allow yourself to experience these emotions fully, as any attempt to avoid or continue to repress them will only inhibit the recovery process. This is why it is highly recommended you attend residential inpatient treatment following your stay in detox, so that you can work through these thoughts and feelings with a therapist rather than on your own.

Detoxing from alcohol does not have to be an agonizing, life-threatening experience. Medical professionals have developed detox protocols in order to alleviate these torturous side effects of withdrawal, enabling you to safely and comfortably transition from daily drinking to abstinence from alcohol. At Evolutions, our medical detox facility consists of a comfortable, tastefully appointed environment staffed by compassionate attentive medical staff who will carefully monitor your condition during your entire stay to ensure a successful detox. If you are ready to take this first step towards recovery, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031.


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