What Should I Expect When Living in a Sober Home?

If this is your first attempt at sobriety, the day to day experience of residing in a sober living facility is likely completely unfamiliar to you, and perhaps even a bit intimidating. Attempting sobriety is an arduous undertaking all its own, and the stress of being thrown into a living situation with people unfamiliar to you can be quite unnerving. Allow us to alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding the transition to a sober living home with a brief overview of what you can expect in day to day life at Evolutions Sober Living and most other sober homes in South Florida.

While it is true your roommates at a sober living home will be mostly new acquaintances with perhaps a few familiar friends from residential treatment, you will all be united by the common goal of long-term sobriety. You will be participating in similar sober activities, and the opportunity to form lasting friendships with these roommates is one you should capitalize on. You will be there to celebrate each other’s successes, counsel each other in times of crisis, and hold each other accountable to both the rules of the house and your personal commitments to your recovery programs. The circumstances and goals you share with these strangers will quickly transform them into friends, and any initial awkwardness as you reside amongst them will fade quite rapidly.

When it comes to the rules and regulations of sober living, you will find the house rules at Evolutions Sober Living can hardly be described as restrictive. Indeed, the rules and structure of our sober living facilities mirror healthy behavior of any individual seeking to lead a productive life. In the first month of your residency, there is a firm curfew to which you must adhere which does eliminate the possibility of any overnight visits with family or friends. However, once you have established a track record of good behavior and trustworthiness with management, you may request permission for overnight visits. Of course, random drug testing and room searches will occur at the discretion of house management, but if you are living an honest life of recovery these are mild inconveniences at worst, and may end up functioning as a deterrent for relapse in your early sobriety!

As you begin your journey of recovery, you will be faced with many situations, emotions, and decisions which will be unfamiliar to you, perhaps even uncomfortable. However, personal growth rarely occurs within the confines of our comfort zones! The decision to get sober is the acknowledgement that our life as we know it is not sustainable, and we need to make some drastic changes in order to be successful and productive members of society. Making these changes means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and a great start to this is setting aside any trepidation about living among strangers in an unfamiliar environment and saying yes to sober living.

If you are ready to take this first step, whether you are still in residential treatment or have recently completed treatment, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and continue building on your progress in recovery.