What Should I Find Out About a Treatment Center before Enrolling?

Now that you have admitted to yourself you have a substance abuse problem and are willing to accept help to overcome this disease, you are faced with the task of finding and choosing a treatment center to attend. There are a plethora of such centers throughout the United States offering a wide variety of therapies and treatment modalities, some of which have shown greater efficacy than others. There are certain facts about a substance abuse treatment center you should find out before making a decision as to which center to attend. Here are a few important points to consider as you sort through your options.

First and foremost, you should inquire as to a treatment center’s success rate among clients who successfully complete the program. It would be a shame to squander the time and effort you are willing to put forth towards your recovery in a center with a questionable or middling success rate. Some substance abuse treatment centers will take steps to artificially inflate their success rate statistics, so an excellent follow up for this question is an inquiry into the nature of a center’s alumni program. Do their alumni programs enjoy a robust enrollment rate? How many of those alumni achieve a year of continuous sobriety after completing treatment? These questions will give you a sense of how effective a substance abuse treatment center’s program really is.

Another important facet of each treatment center you should explore is the specific treatment modalities and therapeutic techniques practiced by their clinical staff. A treatment program with a strong foundation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which offers ancillary holistic therapies is a well-established method of treatment which has a proven rate of success in the recovery industry. Many treatment centers have developed such programs of addiction therapy, and Evolutions Treatment Center continues to operate at the forefront of such programs, offering the latest in holistic treatment therapies alongside best in class clinical and support staff. You should avail yourself of as many details about a treatment center’s specific therapies offered to ensure they will address all your needs in recovery.

Choosing a treatment center to attend is no small task, as this decision will have a substantial impact on the rest of your life. You do not want to waste this opportunity on a center with questionable treatment methods and a subpar success rate, so it is worth the extra time and effort to avail yourself of some basic knowledge about the candidates you are considering so you can make an informed decision. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we pride ourselves on our carefully developed treatment program and our proven track record of success among our alumni. If you are exploring your options for substance abuse treatment, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us provide you with information about our program and why it is an excellent option for you!

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