Why am I So Angry now that I’m Sober?

When we finally make the decision to attempt sobriety and cease our daily substance abuse our bodies, minds, and lives undergo dramatic changes. Often we experience a more varied and extreme spectrum of emotions as suppressed memories and feelings come flooding back to our consciousness. One such emotion which you may find yourself experiencing quite often is anger. Anger is an instinctive response to an underlying feeling such as fear or frustration, and can be very destructive both to our recovery and our relationships. What can you do to reign in this excessive rage you are experiencing in sobriety?

It can be useful to take a minute and reflect on your mental and emotional state in times of anger so you gain a better understanding of the root cause. This also serves as a “cooling off” period allowing you to collect yourself before you react to whatever person or situation lies before you. The more you pause and examine these triggers for your anger, the more you will develop an understanding of these triggers and be able to proactively avoid or cope with them in a more healthy, productive manner.

At first, it will be difficult to remember to pause before reacting in anger, as rage tends to overtake rational thought processes as it bursts out of us like a volcano. If you slip up and let go in a fit of anger, it is important you make amends with whoever was on the receiving end of your outburst right then and there. The verbal attacks and even physical intimidation we resort to in fits of anger are not acceptable behavior in sobriety, and you need to acknowledge you crossed a line, apologize for your behavior, and strive to do better in the future. Those close to you will be much more willing to forgive you once they see signs of progress being made, so do not be discouraged if your apologies are met with tacit acceptance at first.

Anger is a legacy of our active addiction, a response which is masking our true feelings of vulnerability. In early recovery we are often quick to anger as our full spectrum of emotion is restored, bringing with it uncomfortable feelings of fear, frustration, and guilt. Taking time to understand these causes of our anger is the first step towards eliminating it as our instinctive response. At Evolutions, lessons in healthy coping skills and emotional intelligence are incorporated into our clients treatment programs so they are better equipped to handle their feelings in early sobriety. If you are newly sober but feel you could benefit from some additional treatment in this area, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you process your emotions in a manner which benefits your sobriety.


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