Why Can’t I Medically Detox at Home?

Making the decision to stop your daily substance abuse is a difficult one, as drugs or alcohol have become our only coping mechanism and a comfortable means of escape from negative thoughts or feelings. It may seem logical to you that the best place to go through detox is in the comfort of your own home, but this is not at all true. There are a whole host of reasons why detox should occur away from home in a fully staffed medical facility, both in the context of your safety and your comfort. Let’s review just a few of the many reasons why you should seek an inpatient detox center to safely cease your substance use.

Even with the assistance of medication designed to ease the symptoms of withdrawal, your energy levels and ability to handle basic tasks is going to be compromised during detox. Simple things like preparing meals for yourself and maintaining the cleanliness of your home will become seemingly impossible tasks as your body adjusts to this new normal of existence without substances. Attempting to remain at home and care for yourself while undergoing detox could easily lead to a great deal of undue hardship, as your withdrawal symptoms would be exacerbated by the required chores of the day.

Setting aside the comfort factor for a moment, detoxing at home offers no protection against the urge to use, which will certainly occur as your body cries out for that which you are denying it. While you may be able to acquire a prescription for medication which quells most of the physical symptoms of withdrawal and associated cravings, psychologically you are still programmed to use your substance of choice. This instinct is incredibly difficult to fight in the first few weeks of sobriety, and remaining at home while you detox makes it all too easy to give in to this instinct and ruin your attempt at sobriety.

Detox is an ordeal you will hopefully only have to experience once. It is in your best interests to admit yourself to a professional detox facility rather than attempt this difficult process at home, despite any personal feelings you may have on the subject. If you truly want to achieve sobriety, you are going to have to get used to accepting help, and detox is the perfect place to start. At Evolutions, we have developed a safe, luxurious, comfortable inpatient detox facility which caters to your every need so you can focus on getting sober. If you have decided you want to get off the torturous merry-go-round of addiction, we are ready and waiting to assist you! Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and accept the help you need to get sober.


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