Why is Alcohol so Dangerous?

Alcoholic beverages are a staple of American society, being associated with many social gatherings, holiday parties, and celebratory events. This legal intoxicant is enjoyed by adults around the world, and yet it poses a significant threat to a person’s phsyical and mental health. Alcohol has a powerful effect on almost every system in our bodies, with potentially deadly consequences. How exactly does alcohol affect the human body, making it such a dangerous substance?

Alcohol acts as a depressant in the body, slowing down the various processes which work to keep us alive. A person under the influence of alcohol will have slowed respiration, delayed reaction times, slowed and impaired motor functions, and slurred speech. Slowed respiration prompts the heart to beat more rapidly in order to compensate for this decifict in available oxygen, raising blood pressure and putting undue stress on a person’s cardiovascular system. Mentally, a person under the influence will experience diminished inhibitions, difficulty forming short-term memories, and irrational or ineffective decision making abilities.

The aforementioned effects occur every time a person consumes alcohol, clearly taxing bodily functions as your system struggles to accommodate this foreign substance. Regular intoxication has been proven to cause a myriad of health problems, including various cancers, cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney issues, as well as neurological problems. Each of these individually are life-threatening, but more often than not regular drinkers experience multiple chronic illnesses as a result of their alcohol consumption.

For most people, alcohol is an occasional indulgence paired with an event worthy of significant celebration. While it is true sporadic and modest alcohol consumption does not pose significant risk to a person’s health and wellness, more frequent drinkers expose themselves to a host of serious phsyical ailments. This does not even taken into account the devastating impact an addiction to alcohol has on a person’s psychological and social health. If you fear you may be in the grip of alcoholism, it is imperative you seek medical treatment for this serious disease before your life is cut short. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and interrupt the cycle of alcoholism in your life before irreversible physical damage occurs.


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