Why Should I Bother with IOP?

Residential substance abuse treatment programs are an excellent way for you to begin a life of sobriety. At Evolutions, our holistic based approach to addiction treatment addresses all aspects of your health, body and mind. As exceptional as some inpatient treatment programs are, time is a limiting factor when it comes to the amount of therapy they are able to provide. An Intensive Outpatient Program offers a great opportunity for you to continue the work you began in residential treatment, often with the same clinical team, making the transition from residential treatment to a life out in society less jarring. These are just a few of the many reasons you would do well to enroll in IOP upon completing residential treatment.

In order to truly recover from your addiction, you need to uncover and process the underlying mental and emotional issues which led to your developing a substance abuse problem. This work can begin during your time in residential treatment, but it is not feasible to fully heal these psychological scars within such a short timespan. While a 12-step recovery program provides the support and guidance t