Why Should I Choose a Treatment Center Offering Holistic Therapies?

Substance abuse impacts every facet of our lives and our health, destroying our bodies, minds, and spirits as it festers and grows within us. Sobriety offers us the opportunity to heal the wounds we incur during our active addiction, but it is important we address all aspects of our health as we seek to recover. While most every treatment center offers traditional talk therapy utilizing cognitive behavioral and other treatment modalities to uncover and process any traumas which led to your disease of addiction, there is much more to successful recovery than just treating the psyche. Let’s look at some of the other important aspects of your health in sobriety, and why you should opt for a treatment center rooted in a holistic approach to addiction therapy.

Our diet has a substantial impact on our body’s ability to bounce back from active addiction, as the quality and variety of foods we eat determine what fuel and nutrients our systems have to implement. When we are abusing substances, our diets usually become incredibly unhealthy, with sporadic meals consisting of convenient, heavily processed foods dominating our eating habits. As part of an attempt at sobriety, it is important to eliminate these unhealthy eating habits and re-establish a regimen of nutritious, well balanced meals in order to give the body the fuel it needs to repair itself. The best time to establish this return to healthy eating is during treatment, as this is when the body is beginning the repair process. For this reason, a treatment center which offers nutrition counseling and dietician services is an excellent choice for you to consider for your enrollment.

Similarly, our physical activity in active addiction can usually be described as anywhere from minimal to nonexistent. Regular exercise makes an important contribution to both our physical and mental health, ensuring a healthy metabolic rate while promoting the production and release of important neurochemicals in our brains. This is especially significant in early recovery, when our brains are crying out for dopamine and serotonin as a result of the deficiency brought on by the lack of stimulation via our substance of choice. In light of this reality, a treatment center which offers regular exercise classes with a professional trainer should be a strong contender as you are deciding where to enroll for substance abuse treatment.

A holistic approach to addiction therapy offers patients the best possible chance at achieving lasting sobriety, as it addresses all facets of their health which have been diminished during their active substance abuse. At Evolutions, we pride ourselves on our broad spectrum of treatment offerings, as our program of therapy is founded on this belief in a holistic approach to treatment. As you research potential treatment centers for yourself or a loved one, let our Admissions Counselors provide you all the details surrounding our programs of treatment so you may compare our offerings to others in the field. Call any time, day or night at 833-818-3031 and let us demonstrate why Evolutions Treatment Center is an ideal choice for those seeking lasting recovery from their addictions!