Why Should I Join a 12-Step Recovery Group after Treatment?

If this is your first time attempting sobriety with the assistance of a substance abuse treatment center, you are likely hearing a lot of emphasis placed on the importance of participation in some sort of recovery group upon your successful completion of residential treatment. Such groups have been around for decades and have helped millions of people achieve and maintain sobriety. Having already achieved sobriety with the help of your treatment center, you may be questioning whether or not it is necessary for you to join one of these recovery groups. Your sobriety is invaluable to your life and well-being, and joining a recovery group is the best way to ensure you stay sober regardless of what life throws at you.

Recovery is not something you accomplish and then move on from, it is a lifelong process requiring self-awareness and concerted effort to improve oneself. This process is best facilitated by your actively participating in a recovery group, as the connections formed between yourself and other members of the group will aid you in your self awareness as well as overcoming obstacles to your sobriety. The support and guidance offered by a recovery group is priceless and cannot be found anywhere else. Working with a therapist is an excellent contribution to your mental and emotional health, but it cannot offer all the benefits provided by participating in a recovery group.

Not only do recovery groups guide you towards growth in your sobriety, they also provide a strong safety net against relapse. Those same connections with other group members means they will take notice if your behavior takes a turn for the worse or if you begin slacking off on your program. This accountability could prove to be a saving grace for you should you find yourself veering off course in your sobriety, a common occurrence for those still in early recovery. This is another important reason why participation in a recovery group is so important, especially for those in early sobriety.

Getting sober is an arduous task requiring a great deal of effort on your part. Staying sober requires effort as well, as we learn and grow in our recovery when new obstacles or challenges crop up in life which threaten our sobriety. Joining and participating in a recovery group is strongly encouraged for anyone looking to remain sober, as the guidance and support offered by these communities cannot be found anywhere. At Evolutions, we incorporate 12-step recovery meetings into our treatment curriculum in order to give clients the opportunity to establish a circle of sober supports so they are better prepared to reintegrate into society upon successfully completing their treatment. If you are now sober and have not yet connected with a recovery group in your area, do not waste any more time before taking this critical step towards securing your sobriety.


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