Why You Need Detox Under Medical Supervision

Getting sober after a long run can be a very intimidating experience. Many of us are often filled with doubt, wondering if we made the right decision, while others are fully aware that the end of their using career has come. Regardless of where you stand, abruptly stopping using drugs or alcohol can have a pretty shocking effect on the body and the mind. This is why it is so helpful and sometimes vital to detox under medical supervision.

The Dangers

Depending on the drug of choice, detoxing can be a potentially fatal endeavor. Specifically speaking, with the detoxification from alcohol and benzodiazepines. These two are the most commonly fatal intoxicants to detox “cold turkey” from.


Alcohol detox is a two-phase process. The first phase occurs over a short period of a few days, during which, people can experience severe physical and psychological problems, some of which could be fatal without professional medical supervision. These can range from any of the following:

  •        Anxiety

  •        Convulsions

  •        Delirium tremens

  •        Hallucinations

  •        Heart failure

  •        Insomnia

  •        Nausea

  •        Seizures

The second half of the detox process from alcohol is primarily only psychological and can range from increased levels of anxiety and depression, irritability, and isolation. However, with the help of a full spectrum treatment program, people will usually be able to be monitored and have access to a therapist during this time, which helps to regulate the thought process and gently transition the user back to a healthy state of mind.


As with many psychoactive medications, a sudden or abrupt cessation of use can create effects similar to those produced by alcohol. As the user continues to use the drugs over time, they become stored in the brain. When a person hastily stops using, the brain can almost go into shock, sending the user into very dark thought patterns and behaviors such as

  • Anxiety

  • Panic

  • Hallucinations

  • Seizures

The reason detox is so helpful for people who abuse medications and alcohol is because they are under direct and professional supervision. Detox facilities are often staffed with medical practitioners, who are checking vital signs and blood pressure at least every hour.

In these facilities, patients are also able to see a licensed Doctor, who can if necessary, administer any medications that might make the process smoother and more comfortable for the user.

While it does seem strange that people would be prescribed medication to GET OFF other medication, it is simply to slowly and gently regulate the chemical imbalances in the brain back to normal. Without it, there would most likely be a huge increase in relapses or even suicides.

Heroin / Morphine / Methadone

Now, this is a horse of a different color, and if you know anyone, or have had to watch or experience your own withdrawal from heroin, you are probably aware of the agony that a user endures in order to kick the drug. While heroin is not technically fatal to withdrawal from, the physical torture definitely qualifies it as being medically recommended.

When a frequent user detoxes from heroin, they experience symptoms such as extreme body aches (think about constant Charlie Horses in both legs), severe abdominal cramps, cold sweats, runny nose, inability to sleep, restless legs, diarrhea, inability to eat, and severe mood swings as well as depression. Again, it is possible to detox from heroin in the home, however, to reduce the suffering and physical anguish, detox centers keep a constant eye on users who are detoxing, and can provide safe doses of muscle relaxers and sleep medication to ensure that the person's body and mind can rest.


The detoxification process from cocaine is the least likely to be considered medically necessary, and the physical dangers aren’t presented as high priority, however, the level of mental unrest has often placed many users in a Baker Act situation (where they are a danger to themselves or others). People who are sobering up from a cocaine addiction are often extremely irritable, depressed, anxious, and can experience hallucinations and panic. It can be a struggle to sleep at all, or stay awake, depending on the user. Many people experience extreme mood swings and require mood stabilizers in order to comfortably function throughout their day to day lives for the first few months.

Regardless of the drug of choice, people who are trying to kick a drug or alcohol habit can consider detox in a medical facility their best bet. If for nothing else, detox in a center allows a person to be physically separated from their drug of choice for a few days, which often gives them time to clear their minds and begin to see the importance of quitting for good.

Detoxification in a medical facility allows users to safely, gently, and comfortably get healthy again. It is also a perfect segway into a longer form of treatment which, for most addicts and alcoholics, can be a vital turning point between addiction and sobriety.

Finding the Right Treatment Center For You

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