Working on our Character Defects in Recovery

The act of getting sober does nothing eliminate our defects of character, it simply provides us with the presence of mind and strength of will to tackle these shortcomings in our daily lives. The amount of effort and diligence we put forth in our attempts to eliminate our character defects is directly correlated to our success in recovery, for if we allow these flaws to surface often in our daily lives they will surely lead us back to relapse. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you work to eliminate your defects of character in your daily life.

The most important thing to remember as you begin to work on these flaws is that anything we are unaware of we cannot possibly change. Therefore the first step towards eliminating character defects is recognizing and maintaining awareness of their existence in your life. The mental clarity you have achieved as a result of your sobriety lends itself to the introspection required here, but you will have to put forth conscious effort every day to monitor your thoughts, speech, and actions for any negative traits which may be present. Only a consistent awareness of your character defects will enable you to catch yourself in the behavior and make a change to that which aligns with the principles of your recovery program.

Once you have achieved a state of awareness over your thoughts and behaviors in your daily life, you can begin to take action any time a character defect rears its ugly head. This requires patience, resilience, and perseverance, as no one can successfully eliminate a character defect in their lives in just a few days. There will be times when bad behavior slips through the cracks, but rather than let this discourage you in your efforts you should learn from your mistakes and strive to make the situation right. So long as you admit to yourself and to others when you have done wrong and strive to do better in the future, in time you will successfully minimize and eliminate character defects in your life and your behavior will reflect the principles of your recovery program and your higher power.

Character defects are part of what makes us human, so it is unreasonable to expect to fully eliminate all of our character flaws in our daily lives. Remember, we seek progress not perfection in our recovery, as an expectation of perfection sets us up for disappointment and frustration. When it comes to eliminating character defects, the most important things to focus on are your maintaining awareness over your thoughts and behaviors throughout your day, and your consistent effort towards correcting any bad behavior, either preemptively or after the fact. So long as you are committed to your recovery program and the work required to eliminate your character defects, in short order you will have aligned yourself with the principles of 12 step recovery and will be rewarded with a life of peace and serenity!