John S.    ''I love my son and I have Evolutions to thank for saving his life.''



My son became involved with Alcohol, Pot, and pills while in High School. He was becoming belligerent, violent, and impossible to live with.  After a few incidents with the law, he became depressed and suicidal.

In February of 2015, he decided to try and end his life.  He crashed his car into a tree at approximately 90 MPH.  The impact was so severe that the suspension of the car was displaced about 200 feet from where the car landed. After hitting the first tree, the car veered into a fire hydrant, taking it completely off its' mountings, and then into some smaller tress into the woods. Miraculously, probably because of the snow bank, he survived with a few scratches. Those Chevy Cruze Diesels are tough.

The police took him to a local hospital where he was placed in the Psych ward.  While in the ward, I tried to find places for him to go.  Because he had a few other suicide attempts, many places would not admit him (Sierra Tuscon, Menningers (TX), and Silver Hill in Ct all said no).

I found this place in California that did take him. After about 45 days of treatment, he returned back home to New York.  The bad behavior started almost immediately. He wasn't home 48 hours and wound up back in the hospital.  

To make a long story short, I told my son that he had a choice to make.  I gave him a day to make a decision.  He choice was he could either go to social services and live in a shelter, or he could go back to rehab. He decided on rehab.  

The rehab facility was Evolutions. He stayed for almost 6 months.  They were respectful, laid down the law, yet were compassionate.  I credit them for saving my son. Now, he has a full time job at a well known bank, is happy, respectful, and my old son again.  I love my son and I have Evolutions to thank for saving his life.


David R.  ''I highly recommend this place.''


I've had family members that completed treatment at evolutions treatment center. They had a really great experience. I've been lucky to have met the staff, they are warm and carrying. My family member has been sober for over 2 years now and he sent many friends to evolutions treatment center. I highly recommend this place if you're serious about giving yourself a new way of life.


DARIN S.     ''I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for help with their addiction.''

I had a family member go to evolutions treatment center. I thought they were hopeless. Somehow he has found a new life and I owe it all to them. Their staff was always professional, courteous, and they really cared. The facility was also top notch. Having dealt with addiction myself in the past, and knowing how many poor facilities are truly out there, it's so refreshing to see a business that not only cares but delivers good treatment. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for help with their addiction.


BRIAN B.    ''They're genuine''

I would highly recommend their facilities. I spent the month of February in their detox and then their rehab/residence facilities. I live in Michigan. I decided if I was going to spend a month in detox/rehab I was going to do it in a warm climate during winter. We did a lot of research online and chose this facility by the reviews and quality of the facilities. Our insurance only covered average places in Florida so we decided the investment was worth paying cash. You get what you pay for, right.

Both facilities were wonderful. It definitely was a nice bubble to live in for a month. (most of the other clients stayed longer than a month) What I am most impressed with was the staff and outside professionals that teach a few days a week at the "Center" which is rehab. Most of the staff are former addicts which I appreciated as they have walked in our shoes. They genuinely care about you and your success!

I am almost 80 days sober! I have used the knowledge I received there and stay in touch with some of the staff (they care to stay in touch) and other clients I developed friendships with.

BRADLEY N.     ''Evolutions will always be the foundation upon which I base my recovery. Thank you"

From day 1 to day 64, ETC has provided me the most incredible opportunity in my road to recovery. I will be forever grateful to the Staff and Techs that work here. As I continue my journey to sober living, Evolutions will always be the foundation upon which I base my recovery. Thank you.

DANIELLE M.     ''This place saved my life.''

This place saved my life. The staff are very understanding, caring and resourceful. I recommend this place to everyone who are really done. Really want their life back. I can't stress enough the love I felt when I was there. They taught me coping skills life lessons and have showed me ways of living correctly. I owe them for the reasons why I'm still clean today. 6 months and 19 days today!

TINA H.     ''This place saved my life.''

This place saved my life. Dr. Greg was one of the best therapist I have ever had. The staff at both the center and the residents were amazing.

RYAN G.     ''Evolutions is hands down one of if not the best facility in Florida.''


Evolutions is hands down one of if not the best facility in Florida, they are very ethical and follow the current laws by the book, they have an amazing staff that truly cares and it shows in their work, their residence is beautiful and well maintained with a daily cleaning staff and staffed by techs who truly care and strive to keep clients safe and on the right track. I have never been treated with so much dignity and respect as I have been by these guys, I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a way out.

CHLOE M.     ''Evolutions changed my life! I am forever grateful.''


Evolutions changed my life! I am forever grateful for all of the staff at ETC. First off i have to thank Blake, for accepting me as a patient and allowing me to have this beautiful experience! To my therapist Jackie, im sorry i was such a hot mess but you helped guide me in the direction that I needed to go to become the woman I am striving to be every single day! For Yvonne and all the rest of the clinical staff I could not be more grateful for all of you. I love this place with all of my heart, without them I would not have made it much longer. If you want real recovery, are ready and willing to turn your life over...come to Evolutions! I love you all!

FANNY G.     ''will forever be grateful''


When I first came to Evolutions, I was battling not only addiction but also anxiety and sadness. I was going through hardships and changes I was unable to handle. The staff ( I mean ALL staff) was considerate, caring and accommodating to all of my needs. From the moment I walked in to the moment I was discharged from inpatient therapy, I felt nothing but loved and cared for. In only 30 days these wonderful people became like my family away from home. The Technicians, who by the way made us laugh and were happy to drive us to the center, meetings and outings gave us positive vibes and chats I will never forget! Our first Greeting of the day at the center led by Mr. David was and is nothing less than INVIGORATING and full of HOPE. The counselors for each group are patient, experienced and have a lot of love for what they do as well as for their students. The Therapist that was carefully assigned to my particular needs was life changing and thanks to her and Evolutions today I am sober, mentally and physically strong. I still participate in Evolution's Intensive Outpatient Program and will forever be grateful for the NEW way of life I was and am living today. Special thanks to Blake, Christine, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Lori, Mr. David :) and all the Techs and residential staff! The right path to recovery began here for me...

NICO L.     ''I have amazing people to thank for their guidance''


I came to Evolutions because my life had became unmanageable. I was suffering from bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, severe depression and a serious drug addiction. I was out of hope and couldn’t find a way out. I stumbled upon Evolutions and picked up the phone to get help. Within the week I was in Florida and under the care of amazing individuals. The residence is clean, safe and a home away from home. All of the staff is so dedicated to what they do and helping individuals manage their lives. I was taught coping skills and ways to stay clean and sober and make me into the person I am today. I can honestly say I still remain sober and I have amazing people to thank for their guidance. Zach, Blake, Dr Lauren, Mr David Miller, Elliot & Julie. And so many more! If you’re looking for a life changing experience pick up the phone and call Evoultions. They will help you save your life.

JONATHAN N.     ''Evolutions saved my life!''


Evolutions saved my life! If you are looking for the best treatment center in south Florida then look no further. I successfully completed a 30 day in-house treatment and I can confidently say that I am a changed man. My addiction was causing me to completely destroy my life, but Evolutions not only taught me skills but gave me the correct tools and treatment to be able to live a happy sober life. I am very grateful to have ended up in their care, from day one they welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable, attending to every one of my needs with great determination. The living facilities are clean spacious and make you feel like you are at home.

I want to say thank you to everyone at Evolutions for helping me change my life.

A special thanks to Dr. Greg for being an amazing therapist. Mr David Miller for always starting our day on a positive, enthusiastic note, and the residential facility manager Paul for always being there to lend a hand whenever needed.

MOSHE R.     ''Forever Grateful''

Amazing place!best one I ever went to and different because people actually cared and loved and did everything they could to help me. I'm forever grateful for their help idk where I would be I haven't gone there.they helped in every area and I'm clean now which is something I couldn't imagine.