Short-Term Addiction Treatment Programs

There are a variety of different types of addiction treatment programs which exist on a spectrum in terms of intensity. On the one end, there are outpatient programs, which allow patients to commute to and from the treatment center for each day’s sessions. On the other end of the spectrum, there are inpatient addiction treatment programs which require patients to reside at the facility while receiving substance abuse treatment. For those with a significantly developed substance abuse disorder, studies have consistently shown inpatient treatment is most effective in securing those patients in their sobriety. Beyond these two categories, treatment can be further classified as either short-term or long-term. Let’s review the benefits of short-term treatment when it is deemed clinically appropriate for patients.​

What is Short-Term Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol?

As you might expect, a short-term treatment program is an inpatient-style program that lasts for a relatively brief amount of time. In most cases, this entails a treatment duration of approximately one month. During this time, you will reside at our luxury inpatient treatment facility, which will allow your participation in a much more intensive treatment regimen. Although the duration of the program is limited, short-term treatment can involve six or more hours of treatment sessions and classes per day. This sizeable amount of time allotted to treatment allows for a significant amount of customization within each patient’s treatment, enabling a custom treatment plan to be formulated and executed.​

The Short-Term Recovery Process

Once you have decided a short-term treatment program is the best option for you, an initial assessment will be performed upon admission to Evolutions. This involves meeting with an intake coordinator the specifics of your substance abuse disorder may be evaluated and recorded. After these specifics have been quantified, you will work with our clinical team to establish a custom treatment plan which addresses all facets of your well-being and any particular factors which are contributing to your addiction. Therefore, every patient’s daily schedule will vary depending on the needs outlined by their treatment plan, as they participate in the particular treatment methods deemed most effective for their situation.


At Evolutions, we believe it is important for clients to complete a medically-assisted detox prior to enrolling in any of our residential treatment programs. Completing a detox program prior to short-term treatment ensures that you will not experience debilitating withdrawal symptoms which would preclude your participation in the treatment programs selected for you. While a detox program does not address your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social recovery needs, our short-term inpatient program is structured to ensure you have plenty of time to address all of these needs as prescribed by your custom treatment plan.


Here at Evolutions, our treatment plans have a strong base in psychotherapy and individual, one-on-one counseling. Through these therapeutic processes, you are able to identify and establish an awareness of the underlying psychological and experiential factors that contributed to the development of an alcohol or drug problem. Once you are aware of these contributing factors, your clinical team will work with you so you may processes these traumatic past events while forming new, positive coping mechanisms to replace the negative behaviors you have been relying on. In addition to these individual therapy sessions, our short-term treatment programs also incorporate a variety of holistic therapies including group therapy, fitness sessions, art therapy, and acupuncture sessions.


Knowing When a Florida Short-term Treatment Program is Right for You



While short-term substance abuse treatment programs are not the most effective option for all those who require addiction treatment, there are attributes of these programs which make them particularly suitable for certain individuals. For instance, short-term treatment programs may provide you with a beneficial period of separation from situations and settings which are contributing to your addiction. By removing you from these conditions which are negatively impacting your mental health, you will not experience these influences which were a driving force behind your continued use and will be able to focus entirely on your recovery. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our inpatient facilities provide patients with a safe, comfortable environment in which to receive round-the-clock care and supervision. This ensures your ability to completely address all facets of your disease unencumbered by outside intrusion.


As you might expect, long-term treatment programs do offer a greater level of intensity in terms of substance abuse disorder treatment therapies. However, a short-term program may be suited to your specific needs. For instance, if you have only recently developed a physical dependence on a substance, or if your habitual use has not yet reached the extremes of substantial daily doses, short-term treatment can provide the necessary level of care while remaining less invasive than a protracted, long-term treatment option. At Evolutions, our short-term treatment program is an ideal solution for you if you plan to continue to receive treatment in an outpatient setting. For instance, many of our clients achieve great success in sobriety by enrolling in our intensive outpatient program and residing in a sober living facility immediately following their completion of our short-term treatment program.


The best part about all the treatment options available at Evolutions is our dedication to tailoring our holistic treatment options to each client’s individual needs. This level of customization ensures you have the opportunity to address all aspects of your health and well-being which are contributing to your addiction. If you would like to learn more about short-term treatment or one of the other programs that are available, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and let us help determine the best program option for you.


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The journey to recovery is very personal to you - on one’s path to sobriety is identical to any other addict’s. As such, it is important to review and consider all available treatment options in order to ensure your specific recovery needs and goals are properly addressed. Here at Evolutions Treatment Center, we offer a broad spectrum of substance abuse treatment options, rooted in a holistic treatment philosophy which allows for custom tailored treatment plans for each of our clients in order to maximize their chance of achieving sustained sobriety.


Treatment for substance abuse disorder centers on understanding and alleviating the compulsion to ingest harmful chemical substances such as opiates, cocaine, or marijuana. Long term abuse of these substances can cause lasting alterations of your brian chemistry. At Evolutions, our patient’s recovery plan is based on their unique situation, taking into account which treatment setting would be most beneficial to their recovery. When deciding on a short-term or long-term treatment program, it is vital to consider which treatment setting would best support your recovery

The proper treatment of alcohol addiction is dependent on a patient’s individual experience. When you are selecting a treatment center, it is imperative to choose one who’s treatment program best suits your specific needs. Evolutions Treatment Center is a fully licenced and accredited drug and alcohol treatment center with a variety of treatment programs and therapeutic techniques able to be incorporated in a custom treatment plan designed around you.


Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that dramatically interferes with your brain functions, altering impulse control, judgement, and memory. While alcoholism is a common disease in today’s society, alcohol addiction treatment and recovery should revolve around the specifics of your disease, such as level of abuse and any trauma contributing to your addictive behaviors.


Any attempt to discontinue your alcohol consumption without medical assistance would certainly fail and may even prove fatal, as alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. At Evolutions, our short-term treatment options for alcoholism offer the necessary support you need to achieve stability in your recovery safely and effectively.

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When an individual is struggling with a substance abuse disorder as well as a separate mental health disorder, a comprehensive treatment plan addressing both diagnoses is an essential part of your achieving sustained sobriety. Here at Evolutions Treatment Center, our seasoned clinical staff are well-equipped to handle any co-occurring mental health disorder you are struggling with as we help you on your journey to sobriety. When a person turns to substances as a coping mechanism, a common cause may be an untreated mental illness. Mental health disorders like PTSD, depression, or anxiety can drive an individual to self-medicate through the use and abuse of drugs or alcohol.


When you are suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental health disorder, additional issues come into play that make the road to recovery substantially more difficult if all facets of your mental health are not addressed simultaneously. At Evolutions, our custom tailored treatment plans take into account any co-occurring disorders you are struggling with, treating your mental illness alongside your addiction in order to maximize your chance of success in your recovery.