Since the late 80s and early 90s, prescription opioid painkillers were prescribed liberally by physicians for all sorts of moderate to severe chronic pain, sparking a wave of addiction which continues to this day. As a result, many people find themselves physically dependent on their prescription painkiller. You may feel helpless in this situation, as you still experience legitimate pain but are tired of relying on powerful and potentially deadly medication to treat it. There are alternatives available to you, as well as steps you can take to rid yourself of this addiction to prescription painkillers.

Your first priority should be successfully detoxing yourself from your opioid prescription. This is easier said than done, as many people utilizing a prescription painkiller for chronic pain have a multi-year history of substance use. For individuals with chronic pain, medically assisted detox is likely necessary in order for to succeed in cessation of use. A reputable detox facility will provide round the clock supervision in order to ensure you are medically stable, as well as alternative medications in order to alleviate both your pain and the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. Therefore, the first step towards eliminating your dependence on a prescription opioid should be seeking admission to a detox facility.

Once you have successfully completed a medical detox program, you will need to explore alternative therapies to treat your chronic pain while also addressing any unhealthy behaviors and coping mechanisms developed during your active substance use. These tasks are best accomplished in a residential treatment facility whose clinical staff have experience treating those who have developed an addiction to a prescription painkiller. Such facilities will offer therapeutic activities and care which attempts to address your chronic pain, such as acupuncture or physical therapy. One of your treatment goals while in the residential program should be to establish an effective therapy regimen for your chronic pain in order to avoid your desiring to return to your opioid prescription for pain relief.

Prescription painkillers are a useful medical tool for cases of severe chronic pain due to terminal illness, or to temporarily alleviate substantial post-surgical pain. It has become clear these prescriptions are not a viable long term solution for those suffering ongoing chronic pain not in the context of an end-of-life illness. In light of this reality, if you find yourself reliant on a prescription opioid for the treatment of moderate to severe pain and would like to rid yourself of this addiction, Evolutions Treatment Center is here to help.

Our clinical staff have years of experience helping those suffering with chronic pain cease their daily opioid use and replace this harmful medication with a healthier alternative therapy for pain relief. Call our Admissions Counselors any time, day or night, at 833-818-3031 and get the help you need to end your addiction and get back to happy, healthy living!